Saturday, 23 May 2009

Saturday with Sophie

Had a lovely day today. I wanted to go into town to see if the cheap magazine stall on the market had any issues of The Knitter magazine. Sophie wanted to come with me so we had an afternoon out together which was lovely.

On the way from the car Sophie spotted some toys in the window of a charity shop so I promised we could have a look on the way back again. She didn’t forget and in we went - she got a game and a little jewellery box and I found a nice yellow jug.

We got back to the car to find there was no way we were going to get home any time soon - I was blocked in by two police cars, a fire engine and an ambulance. Sadly somebody had been hit by a car - I really hope they are ok. We dropped the shopping off and went back into town. Now, I’m not a regular charity shop patron, I hardly ever go in them. But I always see other peoples purchases on their blogs and think how lucky they are to find nice things but I will admit to being a snob when it comes to second hand clothes, I just can’t bring myself to buy them. I don’t mind books etc though, so off we went on a trawl of the towns charity shops. Only one other had anything we wanted and Sophie came out with another game while I found two little ceramic pots with lids for 99p each. So now I’m wanting to go on a charity shop tour of Lincolnshire to see what else I can find.

And we had to go into Costa for a drink and cake because the baby needed feeding - what a shame!!

After we got home I did a bit of sewing. I made a couple of pairs of Pjs from the pile I cut out several weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to do some more tomorrow.

And in other exciting news, one of my girls has been asked on her first date!! She’s been best friends with the boy for a few years now so it was almost inevitable it would happen sooner or later. They're going to go to the cinema and then to McDonalds apparently...

Oh, and no, the stall didn’t have the magazine.


Pippa said...

Those jimjams are lovely!!

I'm dreading my children getting to the dating age!! I suppose having kissed a couple of toads in my time, I'm aware of the dross that is out there!! Hahahaha, I'm going to be the mother-in-law from hell I think!! I can remember being that young and in love for the first time though, even though it's too scary to think of my own children feeling like that, I suppose it's nice too. He'd better be nice to her or they'll be a lot of siblings wanting to know why!!

Pippa said...

Forgot to say, it's really lovely just taking one child out for the day isn't it. You always see a side of them that you don't see when they are in their usual group. I love days out with mine one-to-one, when Min is a bit older, I want to do it again as I miss it.

Becks said...

Hope your daughter has a lovely first date, how does her Dad feel? John still checks out male friends of the girls and usually finds fault lol, even though the girls are 16, 17 and 20! Oh apart from 16 y.o.'s latest who has a motorbike that DH also once owned. He's so fickle!!

Cybèle said...

Isn't it nice to spend some time with children one-to-one. I love having an afternoon with just the one of them, as Pippa said, you get to see a different side to them.
I love those pots and jug, I must start venturing into charity shops, I don't know why but the shop windows never appeal to me!

Lucie said...

It was lovely to have one on one time with Sophie. I'd told her if she was good we'd go back to the charity shop and every 5 minutes she'd ask "I am being good arent I?" She was a joy to be out with.

We've always said Ellie will be the first one to go out on dates and will be popular with the boys. We've always said she'll probably end up marrying this particular lad so we're not too surprised they're finally going to go out (he's the reason she didnt want to go to the grammar school) so I hope it lasts. I'm not too sure how Craig feels, at the moment we're still going "aww, how sweet", lol